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Antique shops, flea markets, yard sales and even junkyards have always been popular places to shop for those that love old furniture. For those who appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry of days gone by, older really is better, especially when it comes to wood furniture. Collectors and retailers know this, and pieces in mint condition also tend to cost a mint. Fortunately, there are furniture restorers who love antique furniture as much as the rest of us.

Very often, a fine old piece will not inspire confidence or love at first sight. Older pieces are often painted, usually more than once, which can disguise the quality of fine hardwoods underneath. They are also usually quite scuffed and dinged and may be missing hardware or have loose parts such as doors and drawers. However, a close inspection may yield evidence of solid construction, quality woodwork and beautiful lines that are the foundation of a good piece. furniture restorers can remove old paint, replace tracks, hinges and hardware and return to you a piece that looks nothing like the unwanted ragamuffin you found in a dusty corner.

furniture restorers also work quite often with pieces that were not recently found, but have been in families for generations. Despite being loved and treasured, everyday use or long storage can often wreak quite a lot of havoc on a piece of old wooden furniture. Restoring the piece to its former glory will not only make it more attractive and usable, but ensure that future generations will be able to continue to enjoy it as a family heirloom.

furniture restorers often do much more than make dull wood shine or wobbly legs sturdy. They preserve a treasured family piece of history and the memories it invokes. Although your family piece may not be an expensive or fancy one, it still deserves the respect and care that reflect its importance to your family.

furniture restorers often talk about preserving examples of the "old ways" of furniture design and building. As a group, they have a true and deep admiration and appreciation for the way furniture used to be made and the materials that were used in the past. They consider themselves caretakers of these pieces and of the crafts they represent. By restoring fine old furniture, no matter how utilitarian or simple, they preserve living examples of traditions that might otherwise be lost. These types of furniture are pieces of history, not just historical pieces. They can not only be enjoyed, but be used to teach new generations the art of making fine furniture the old way.

If you'd like to learn more about furniture restorers, see some great pictures of restoration projects or learn more about restoring a piece you own, visit the website of Paul's Furniture Restoration. Owner Paul Kobilsek is one of the furniture restorers who take his craft and his projects to heart. Working alone in his small workshop, Paul has restored, rebuilt and refinished furniture and pianos for over thirty-five years. He has some great before and after pictures and is always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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