Furniture Repair Service

When you have something that's broken, ripped, or stained, it's best to consult with a furniture repair service rather than to simply get something new. This is more economical and it can mean saving a favorite piece you may not be able to replace.

Depending upon the type of piece it is, not all furniture repair service companies will be able to restore or refinish it. This is your first consideration when shopping for such a company; you want one that specializes in antiques if this is what your piece is, or one that qualified to handle upholstered furniture instead if it's a rip or a stain. The right furniture repair service means finding someone that can work on the piece you have and get it done right. You especially want someone that won't cause more damage while trying to repair it!

How do you find the best furniture repair service and how do you know this person will work for your piece? Chances are most companies and individuals will do their best to work on your pieces and to restore them as much as possible, but this doesn't mean you should make your decision hastily. After all, you want to avoid the one furniture repair service that won't do a professional job!

Check their references and past customers.

You may not be able to or may not want to check with past customers specifically when searching for a furniture repair service, but you can check their website to see what customers have said and can also check some before and after pictures as well. This will mean seeing how their work actually stacks up for things they've worked on in the past and seeing if they do what they promise. If you find a furniture repair service that doesn't offer comments from past clients or pictures, this may not be a good thing.

Check their specialty.

If you have special pieces that need furniture repair service, make sure you choose a company or individual that handles these pieces in particular. They should state specifically that they handle these items and should state their experience with things like antiques, specialty woods, and so on. If it's a piece like a pool table or movie theater seating or items like this, always call a furniture repair service ahead of time and ask about their experiences in dealing with these types of items. This will tell you if they're the best choice for you.

Ask questions.

Don't simply assume a furniture repair service knows your item or piece or knows the type of repair that needs to be done. You should ask questions, and they should as well. What type of stain is it, how bad is the rip, how is the leg broken off the chair? You can ask them if they have ideas on how they will fix these repairs and why their services would work. This will mean finding the right furniture repair service for you.

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