Furniture Refinishers

When you have antique pieces that are looking a bit shabby or you simply need to restore and repair other pieces you have, it's good to speak with furniture refinishers rather than assuming these items are beyond repair. It's also good to have this work done when you're getting ready to sell something as of course no one wants to buy any items that are in disrepair or that aren't looking their best for whatever reason.Choosing the right furniture refinishers will be the difference between a good job and one that may actually put your items in worse repair than before. If someone uses the wrong solutions and materials they can damage the items beyond repair, or just do a cosmetic job that doesn't really treat the wood or the upholstery. Good furniture refinishers on the other hand can make sure that the type of wood and upholstery on the items are repaired and restored and can enhance the piece's overall look as well as its value.How do you find the right furniture refinishers for yourself? When you go online or search the phonebook, you may find several options and no doubt they all say that they will do a good job for you. If you're looking to preserve an antique or other valuable piece then of course you need to be careful about the professional you choose even more so.

Start with those that specialize in the type of items you have. Most furniture refinishers will specialize in antiques or pianos or some other item, since these will mean different types of wood or fabric for the upholstery. Pianos often need to be taken apart before they can be restored and repaired, and you need a specialist for this type of work. Hiring furniture refinishers that are not skilled and qualified for your type of piece is a common mistake that many people make when searching for this type of professional.You should get a quote from furniture refinishers before moving forward with the job. You may need to describe in detail the piece and be sure to describe any problems with it, such as stains and rips to the upholstery or scratches and tears to the wood. In some cases it may be good to provide potential furniture refinishers with a photograph so they can inspect the damage and the piece thoroughly and know what you're talking about when it comes to specific problems or areas of concern.

Potential furniture refinishers should also ask good questions about the piece and its condition, including its age and any other work you've had done on it. The more information you can give out, the better qualified they are to understand the work to be done. It's always good to shop around a bit for furniture refinishers and compare prices, but remember you want quality work, not just cheap work. This will ensure your piece is protected and in great shape.

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