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When it comes to the repairing and restoration of antique furniture it's always best to be cautious and rely on the expertise and experience of antique restorers. You want the expertise of these restorers since inferior repairs and restoration can lead to an imperfect antique and this will diminish not only its value but also its aesthetic appeal. When it comes to antique restoration you should never focus on a quick fix, but rather work with professional antique restorers so that your valuable antiques are preserved for many years to come.Very often people themselves are the main reasons that damage occurs to antique furniture and antique restorers are able to ease of this damage. Human damage happens through misuse of the furniture, neglect, and mishandling of the items. There are many factors that can damage antiques such as bruises and dents, scratches, spilled liquids, and excessive heat. Structural damage to the antique happens when the item is dragged and moved without care or when the antique is used for a purpose that was not intended when it was designed.

A great deal of the damage happens when the furniture is moved since there is little understanding of the delicacy of the item and where its core strength is localized. For instance, when an antique piece that has a lot of delicate moldings and carvings is moved without due care it can cause breaks when the joints are weakened, leading to breakage and cracking. Experienced antique restorers, such as Paul's Furniture Restoration in Lake Elsinore CA, are able to repair this type of damage so that your antique furniture is usable once again.Professional restorers understand that it's best to use materials from the era the antique originates as well as wood that is of a similar grain of texture, quality, and color. This is imperative so that the restorative work matches the existing antique as much as possible. antique restorers have the skills and knowledge to expertly restore and repair your antique pieces so that they match the original as much as best they can. Think first before you attempt a DIY restoration on your precious antique pieces before you damage an item even further and decrease its value.

antique restorers can advise you on the best way to handle your antique pieces to alleviate further damage, such as never pulling or dragging the antique. When lifting any antique you should always hold the item at the strongest point. If needed, use protection to cover up the item to prevent it from getting scratched. If you need to store the item for any length of time be sure to cover it up so that there is no discoloration of the patina or polish of the piece. Paul's Furniture Restoration brings you the knowledge, expertise, and experience you need for your entire antique and furniture restorative work. When you hire experienced antique restorers you ensure that the item will be returned to its previous beauty. Why take chances doing it on your own when you can rely on a professional to bring care and knowledge to your restoration project.For more information about Paul's Furniture Restoration check out their website at

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