Antique Restoration

Paul's Fine Furniture Restoration is just what you need when you have an antique or special piece of furniture that you want restored or rejuvenated. Any piece of antique furniture can be an invaluable asset; nevertheless, given its age and the condition it's in, it might also be damaged, in some way broken, or just not in an appropriate state to function in the exact purpose for which it has been designed. Antique restoration is something that Paul's Restoration takes great pride in. The attractiveness of antique furniture is that it has been around for several generations and this is evidence and testimony to the skilled cabinetmakers of the era. The carpentry, workmanship and resources used in these pieces of furniture are of a higher quality and, in many cases, are made from destroyed or protected materials. The long-lasting existence of these pieces of furniture is testimony to their durability and quality. Antique restoration is an ideal way to continue to preserve these fine pieces of furniture. Today's society can in many ways be thought of "throw away" as we surrounded by far too much production of items that are disposable or short-lived. This reinforces even more the statement that antiques are a great investment that will stand up to the test of timelessness. As trends come and go, generations of the future will become heir to rare antiques and, as a result, Antique restoration is becoming more and more imperative for people who own antique pieces.

Conservation and Antique restoration are essential to antique furniture for a variety of reasons. The main reason is to keep the antique item well maintained. Other reasons are to extend the longevity of the antique and to increase the worth of the item. Antique restoration and conservation will many times mean the same thing when it comes to working on an antique piece and both of these basics are important when it comes to the best treatment of an antique piece. For instance, an antique dining table might need a castor restored or replaced so that the table remains level and can be used without worry of breaking. At the same time the table may have a beautiful patina top that just needs a coat of wax to protect it from wear and tear, meaning that the table top just needs a bit of conservation to keep it preserved. Antique restoration is important to preserve all of the original finishes and unique features an antique.

Even though many pieces of antique furniture are well taken care of, we need to be aware that there are a variety of destructive elements that will speed up the deterioration progression of your antique pieces. The main causes of wear and tear are ecological, environmental, and human error. Antique restoration not only restores your special pieces but also ensures that they will be around for many more years to come.For more information about Antique restoration and the preserving of your cherished antiques, contact Paul's Furniture Restoration at

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