Antique Repair

Antique repair is all about returning an antique piece of furniture as close to its original condition as possible. It's uncommon to find an item of antique furniture that has traveled through time without some type of harm and damage. This is to be accepted and normal wear and tear can in fact increase the worth of an antique. Undoubtedly you'll want to ensure that your antiques don't suffer from further damage but you'll also want to ensure that you aren't unintentionally devaluing your precious antiques with repairs that aren't done by a professional. This is when you need to rely on antique restorers such as Paul's Furniture Restoration in Lake Elsinore, CA.

Even though museums might spend many hours attempting to preserve antiques with all their original materials, if you want to actually use your pieces of antique furniture you'll have to have the piece repaired and restored. Antique repair and restoration involves the returning of the antique piece to its original look and condition. The more of the original materials the piece preserves the more worth it will have. This is why working with a professional Antique repair professional ensures that your antiques are well taken care of in an experienced manner.

Most people are much more zealous about their antiques than they are about their every day furniture. This is because antiques have a history, often a personal history, and collecting antiques takes a lot of effort when you're looking for just the right piece to add to your collection. Every antique piece is special in some way and this means it needs special attention when it comes to its repair and restoration. Antique repair means that you're dealing with pieces of furniture that are delicate and easily damaged. When you hire a professional to do the repairs for you know that even though the repair and restoration work can be challenging that it will be done with expertise and care.The repairing of an antique item involves the replacement or perhaps the modification of a portion of the antique. This doesn't mean that the antique is going to be worthless but rather that it's going to be replaced in a way that ensures it won't be further damaged while at the same time retaining or improving its value. Far too often people make the mistake of throwing out an antique item that they think has been damaged too much for it to be worth anything or functional in any way. However, Antique repair by a professional such as Paul's Furniture Restoration can effectively repair and restore the item almost to its original condition, increasing its value considerably. It may seem as though an antique is worthless but professionals are able to work miracles when it comes to removing all traces of damage, such as water damage, scratches, and breaks. All it takes is a little care and attention to detail and a badly damaged antique can look as good as new. If you're looking for the best in Antique repair be sure to contact Paul's Furniture Restoration at

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