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Antique refinishing and furniture restoration is generally aimed at repairing a piece of antique furniture back to its original look and functionality when it was first built. Antique refinishers have the skills and experience to work on an antique without further risk of damage or other harm. Many people try to do their own restoration work on their antiques but if a piece of antique furniture is particularly rare or simply cherished by its owner, the refinishing and restoration work should be done by a professional. The process of refinishing and antique restoration can be a complicated and intricate procedure. As society advances it seems that the popularity and worth of antiques also seems to increase. More and more people are finding out just how rare and irreplaceable their antique pieces really are and just how valuable that old dresser might become. While many different types of antiques can be restored, antique furniture is by far the most common. When you have antique furniture that you need restored and refinished you'll want to rely on the professional skills of Antique refinishers to do the job right so that your cherished antique pieces are restored to their beauty and functionality. For the most part the definition "antique" refers to items of furniture that are at least a few decades old and most often refers to pieces of furniture that are hundreds of years old. It is a somewhat individual definition, nonetheless, and can be used to refer to several different items. Antique furniture refinishing is characteristically performed when an older item of furniture is found or bought that is quite worn and damaged with age and may look in general quite dirty. For Antique refinishers it can be as straightforward as cleaning grime and dirt from a table top or as intricate as restoring the hinges on the top of a desk, restoring the legs on an antique desk, or refinishing the whole piece. Paul at Paul's Furniture Restoration understands the care and attention and needs to be applied to every antique her works on.

The condition of a piece of antique furniture and the refinishing done to it by Antique refinishers can significantly impact the worth of that antique object. Even though the build up of dust and dirt on a piece of antique furniture might be unwanted by a number of people, this dirt build up is known as a "patina" and the removal of it when antique furniture is being restored and refinished can very much diminish the worth of an antique item. Professional Antique refinishers, such as Paul's Furniture Restoration, ensure that care and attention is applied when refinishing and restoring any antique piece.

Perhaps one of the most important principles that Antique refinishers understand is that antique restoration attempts to return an item to its originality as much as possible without doing any further damage to the piece. Paul's Furniture Restoration ensures that your antique piece looks great after restoration and that the value of the item remains the same or increases. If you're looking for the best in Antique refinishers be sure to contact Paul at

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