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Pianos for sale
I rarely buy and sell pianos, but occasionally I come across pianos that have the potential to become very special instruments. This is such a piano.  Knabe is one of the finest and most respected brands in the piano industry, rivaling Steinway for quality and integrity of manufacture.  This piano will undergo a complete restoration, and will be sold only for the cost of restoration, rather than market value.  Knabe are known to have rich, warm, powerful tone- with responsive keyboard touch and sensitivity.  This piano is structurally in excellent condition, with a pristine- soundboard, making it an excellent candidate for restoration, and will be like a new piano when done.  It was built in 1910, during the "Golden Age" of the piano industry, when most pianos were built by hand by career craftsmen, at a time when integrity of quality was more important than high profit at low production cost.  This is an heirloom piano that can stay in a family for generations if desired.

At this time, anyone interested in purchasing this instrument can choose the direction of the restoration.  It will be refinished.  The strings and cast iron plate will be removed and refinished.  The soundboard will be refinished and new strings will be installed.  The action will be overhauled and new premium hammers will be installed and voiced.  The piano is currently mahogany with a traditional spade foot leg.  My intention at this time is to convert it to cherry wood, with French Provincial legs, pedal lyre and music rack, but that can change at this time to what the buyer prefers.


Tonally, the piano can be built with either a warmer tone or a brighter tone, depending on the buyer's taste.

The mahogany can be finished in your choice of color and your choice of satin or high gloss.  Also, it can be finished in either satin or high gloss ebony (black).

At this point, the wood can be changed to the buyer's preference, including any exotic hardwood in any any color, and in either satin or high gloss.

If you are interested in this piano, please call or email to discuss pricing, either based on your choices or my current plan for the piano.  Email at paul@paulsfurniturerestoration.com, or call at 951-255-6138.
Restoration has begun, with the piano disassembled and stripped back to bare wood.  The strings and cast iron plate will be removed, allowing the piano to be refinished inside and out, and action will be overhauled to perform like new.  When done, this piano will surpass all but the most expensive pianos you can buy.